Chinchilla Botanic Parkland

Step into a world where history merges seamlessly with nature at Chinchilla Botanic Parkland. Once the site of the Chinchilla Railway Depot on the Brisbane-to-Miles line in the 1870s, this unique space now preserves the past while embracing the present. Amidst the gardens, echoes of the past come alive – from the original four-bay steam engine shed of 1914 to the enduring siding wall, the last relic connecting us to a bygone era. Immerse yourself in the region’s rich Aboriginal heritage, intertwined with flourishing flora including Wattles, White Cypress Pine, and Chinchilla White Gums. Explore our Demonstration Garden, find serenity along the meandering Ephemeral Creek, and engage in the whimsical water play area featuring a captivating watermelon display. Join Chinchilla Botanic Parkland in celebrating the union of heritage and nature. Whether you seek history, tranquillity, or family fun, our Parkland invites you to create lasting memories. Experience the past, embrace the present – plan your visit today.

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